(Long tail boat) are a proud Thai creation. The concept was developed in Thailand as a simple, low cost means of motorizing boats, used in rivers, canals and oceans where people and cargo must be transported through shallow waterways. It is also commonly used for coastal transportation, small scale fishing and tourism. It is ubiquitous sight in Thai rivers and waterways. Long tail boats were created by local people living in the middle part of Thailand around 1937/2480. The idea used general diesel or gasoline engine attached to a pole for steering as well as propulsion has been developed since then.

               Our quality KKK brand is the only brand that has a long history of developing and producing long tail boats since 1960. The business was started up by two brothers. Mr. Songsak and Mr. Chanchai Sriprasertying. The Sriprasertyings have been developing long tail boats from locally made businesses to our factory and then exporter by us. Under our quality KKK brand, we have been in this business more than 50 years and exporting for more than 20 years. Our main overseas markets are in South East Asia North America and South America.

                More than 50 years of determination to produce the very best long shaft set has made KKK GROUP, a premier manufacturer of long shaft set which our renowned are domestically and internationally. The company production process exceed international standard and employ engineer with extensive expertise. We are one of the largest manufacturers of long shaft set in the world. Our continuous product development emphasizes efficiency, conservation, and environmental friendliness. This is why our products are always well received by our numerous customers. We will continue to invent and develop our products to continuously response to the demand of our customers.